New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most esteemed and loved countries in the entire world. It is a dream destination for many people because of all kinds of activities whether leisure, academics, or work. Every day, it becomes easier and easier to go to New Zealand as long as you prove to be worth it.


Unlike most countries, New Zealand is an Island country that is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of two landmasses which are North Island and South island. It has around 600 smaller islands which make for the perfect destination for leisure. One amazing fact about New Zealand is that it was the last island country to be inhabited because it is remotely located. The capital city is called Wellington. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.


  • Rich culture:
    New Zealand has great cultural diversity created by the diverse ethnic groups

  • Rich flora and fauna:
    New Zealand had an ample time to develop the flora and fauna before human habitation

  • Great education and medical system:
    the education and medical system is greatly developed thus giving the citizens the best experience

  • High quality of life:
    New Zealand is one the few countries with high quality of life

  • Stable economy:
    the economy is very stable providing great financial benefits to the people.

  • Stable government:
    it has a stable government and rarely will you hear governmental disputes causing unrest

  • Peace and fun:
    New Zealand is an island country with over 600 small islands. Other than enjoying the peace, you will also enjoy the sandy beaches and water sports

  • Natural beauty:
    this place as a great natural aesthetic appeal with its exquisite topography and sharp mountains.

  • Amazing opportunities:
    it offers a lot of opportunities whether for studies or work.


There are many student visas for anyone that wants to study in New Zealand. They include:

  • Fee-paying student visa:
    This is a visa for any 18 years old and above student who wishes to study in New Zealand for more than three months. You can stay on this visa for a period of up to four years and will be required to cater to your needs.

  • Exchange student visa:
    this is for a student who has been approved for a student exchange scheme and will be studying for three months on a full-time basis. One can stay for up to four months.

  • Foreign government support student visa:
    this is for students who have a foreign government loan or have received scholarships to study full-time in New Zealand. One needs to prove that the government or scholarship can take care of their financial needs effectively.

  • Pathway student visa:
    this is for students who want to study up to three courses using a single student visa. You will need to be offered a place by a pathway education provider in New Zealand

  • Dependent child student visa:
    this is a visa that lets a dependent child stay the same length of time as their parent. The dependent child can study whether primary or secondary in New Zealand and must be 19 years and below.


This visa enables one to visit New Zealand to see family, for leisure, recreational activities, entertainment, tourism, or study a short course. One will need proof to show they can support themselves financially. This visa can last up to nine months. While applying, you can include your spouse as well as children as long as they are 19 years and below. While others may require this visa, some countries enjoy visa waiver. Therefore, check to ensure whether or not you can enjoy this benefit.


PR visa is a type of visa that allows immigrants to live, work and study in New Zealand permanently.

They can also travel in and out of New Zealand without restrictions. Even so, the permanent resident visa holder needs to have a valid passport. Anyone who has had a resident visa for two years or more is eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa.

With this passport, your duration is marked as ‘indefinitely’ allowing you to stay as long as forever. With this visa application, you can include partners and dependent children that are under 24.


New Zealand offers immigration visas that are categorized depending on many factors. Typically, here they are referred to as resident visas. These resident visas give the holders the ability to live permanently in New Zealand but do not have the freedom to travel in and out the country as with PR visas.

Some of the categories for resident visas include:

  • Skilled migrant category resident visa:
    it is for skilled, experienced, and qualified people who will impact the economy of New Zealand.

  • Partner of a New Zealander resident visa

  • Long-term skilled shortage list work visa:
    for people with employment offers in occupations where long-term skills are scarce.

  • Parent retirement resident visa:
    it is meant for a parent that has a child who is a New Zealander

  • Talent (accredited employer) resident visa:
    for those who are highly skilled and have been offered employment opportunity by an accredited employer.

  • Investor 2 resident visa:
    for business people with a minimum of NZ $3 million either in asset or funds

  • Entrepreneur resident visa:
    for those who have been self-employed successfully in New Zealand


Numerous business visas are offered by the New Zealand government to business people. It gives them the ability to carry out business in New Zealand. Some of the business visas include:

  • Investor 1 resident visa:
    for those with NZ $10 million to invest in New Zealand over a period of three years.

  • Investor 2 resident visa:
    Those with a minimum of NZ $3 million in asset or funds

  • Business visitor visa:
    for those going to New Zealand for business reasons for three months

  • Entrepreneur resident visa:
    for those who have been successfully self-employed in New Zealand for six months or more or has operated a specific business for two years or more while on a different visa that supports self-employment

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