Has your dream been to visit Canada since you heard of its glorious beauty and the many advantages it holds? Visiting Canada is no longer a hassle or impossibility. Now, your dreams can be a reality as long as you plan wisely and get all the necessary documents.


Canada is a country that that is located in the northern part of North America. It has ten beautiful and fascinating provinces as well as three territories that are vast extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It also goes towards the north of Arctic Ocean. It is unique, and it has its capital city as Ottawa. The country is a federal parliamentary democracy as well as a constitutional monarchy. The queen is the head of state


  • Canada knows how to embrace:
    Canada embraces all kinds of people without discrimination. It is a very welcoming country that has its doors open for anyone who desires a better life and can work for it.

  • Diversity:
    regardless of your background, race, country of origin, skin color, type of hair, and so on, you will be sure to find a place that you will fit in. It is a multiracial country, and the country is a product of embracing many immigrants.

  • It is rich in culture:
    with a large number of immigrants from different countries, backgrounds, cultures and so on, the richness of the culture is only enhanced.

  • The natural beauty it has:
    Canada is one of the countries that have amazing aesthetic appeal. The natural landscape is breathtaking and offers you a lot to enjoy from nature.

  • Numerous opportunities:
    Canada can also be thought of as a land of opportunities. As long as you are bright and hardworking, there will always be something that you can do in Canada.

  • Safety and security:
    Canadian government knows how to protect its citizens both men and women, young and old alike. It is a country that you can enjoy safety, peace, and prosperity.

  • Political peace:
    There is great political peace in Canada that makes it a great example to other countries. Rarely will you hear political problems in this beautiful country!

  • The sports culture:
    it is amazing to note that the Canadian sports culture is one of the most robust and best cultures in the world. If you are fun of ice sports, then you will feel right at home here.

  • Great economy:
    Canada has a stable and great economy. A country with a great economy equals a great county to live in. It means that your daily life experiences will be better and your quality of life will be great.

  • Amazing educations system:
    It is one of the countries with the best education systems. As of 2015, more than half of the population had completed their tertiary education.

  • It is one of the most livable countries:
    this is a fact that cannot be disputed. With great economy, education, opportunities, advancements, safety, peace, diverseness, and so on, it forms a great place to live.

  • Science and technology:
    it is one of the most advanced countries in fields of science and technology. This forms a great platform.


To study in Canada, a student visa is a must. A student is given study permit that allows them to study a selected course in Canada. The study permit only lasts until the date indicated on it. Before you get the study permit, you will have to be accepted into a designated learning institution located in Canada. You will also need proof to show that you can take care of your expenses. The student visa becomes after 90 days from the day your study program ends.


A visitor visa is also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada. Anyone who visits Canada must have this in their possession. It shows that you meet all the requirements needed t be admitted to Canada as a temporary resident. Whether you are visiting Canada to see friends, family, for pleasure, you will need it. There are certain foreign citizens from specific countries that are exempted. Therefore find out if you from a visa-exempted country like the USA, Australia, France, and so on.

To acquire this visa, you will need to fill out forms provided with the accurate information. They will also need to prove that they are citizens of the claimed country, have funds for their visit, have valid passports or country resident cards (IDs), and proof that you will be staying in Canada temporarily.

Other than these, there may be other documents that may be asked of you. Once you have your visitor passport, you are granted visitor statues for six months.


PR Visas are a type of documentation that one applies for so that they can be permanent residents in Canada. It is typically a card that shows proof you are a permanent resident. You will need it every time you re-enter the country. Numerous immigration programs in Canada will offer these visas to people that are highly skilled and talented so that they work as professionals in Canada.


There are so many types of immigration visa programs offered by Canada to foreigners. These immigration programs include the expressed entry program, Quebec-selected skilled workers, Canadian experience class program, start-up visa program, family sponsorship program, refugee program, caregivers program, and so on.

For this visa, you require great language proficiency, education, health documents, and proof of good character. Other factors will vary depending on the type of immigration program. These factors are age, experience, and adaptability, just to mention a few.

To get the visa, a points system is used where you will get points based on the requirements. The higher your points, the better your chances will be.


The business visa categories include:

  • Immigrant investor venture capital visa for people with a net worth of $10 million CDN and can risk at least $2 million in investments.
  • Start-up visa:
    this is for successful business owners or co-owner who can own and manage a business in Canada successfully. They should also offer employment and bring in great revenue.
  • Self-employed immigrant visa:
    it is for people with exquisite athletics or cultural abilities and activities and can be self-employed in Canada and be successful.
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